Sunday, 1 April 2018

Welcome to the Pickering Astronomy blog, providing updates on what to see in skies above Pickering with the unaided eye during June 2018.

Here is a short list of night sky sights for the unaided eye during the coming month.

Stars and Constellations

Some prominent stars to notice include the 3 bright stars of the “Summer Triangle” climbing in the eastern sky during June evenings. The bright blue star Vega is the highest (in the eastern sky), and below Vega are Deneb to the north (lower left of Vega when looking eastward toward Vega) and Altair to the south
Some prominent constellations to notice are the constellations of the Summer Triangle stars:
Lyra is a small constellation that includes Vega
Cygnus is a cross-shaped constellation (also known as the Northern Cross) that includes Deneb 
Aquila is a constellation that includes Altair
The summer Milky Way extends north-to-south through Cygnus and Aquila


Mercury becomes visible around mid-June after sunset above the northwestern horizon
Venus is visible in the northwestern sky during the evening and appears as a very bright white light
Mars rises during late evening and is prominent in the southern sky in the Capricornus constellation
Jupiter is prominent in the southern sky as a bright white light in the Libra constellation and sets during      early morning
Saturn rises near sunset, reaches opposition June 27, and is low in the southern sky in the northern part of the Sagittarius constellation

Moon Phases
  • Third Quarter June 6, 14:32 EDT
  • New Moon June 13, 15:43 EDT
  • First Quarter June 20 06:51 EDT
  • Full Moon June 28, 00:53 EDT
Noteworthy Sky Events
  • Jupiter is prominent in the south during evening
  • Venus remains very prominent in the northwestern sky after sunset
  • Mars brightens significantly during June and July
  • Summer solstice June 21, 06:07 EDT, earliest sunrise occurs June 10-19, latest sunset June 21-July 2
Sky Resources Online
Some website resources for sky charts, weekly sky events, and more information:
Below is a chart of the sky as it would appear above Pickering, Ontario at 10 pm EDT, mid-June (courtesy of Custom sky charts like this can be plotted and printed at the websites or