Sunday, 1 April 2018

Welcome to the Pickering Astronomy blog, providing updates on what to see in skies above Pickering with the unaided eye during July 2018.

Here is a short list of night sky sights for the unaided eye during the coming month.

Stars and Constellations

  • Scorpius is transiting the meridian during July evenings. The southern part of the constellation is low in the southern sky and might not be visible from suburban neighbourhoods, but is easily visible from DRAACO and from lakeshore locations. The bright red star Antares is also low in the southern sky, but near the northern end of the constellation and easy to find even in light-polluted skies
  • The Summer Triangle of 3 bright stars and their constellations is overhead during the evenings


  • Mercury is visible in the western sky in the evening, to the lower right of Venus
  • Venus is visible in the western sky after sunset and after the end of twilight, very bright and easy to see,
  • Mars rises before midnight and remains low in the southern sky in the Capricornus constellation, very bright and unmistakably red
  • Jupiter is in the southwestern sky during the evening in the constellation of Virgo, and sets well after midnight during the first half of July, and then shortly after midnight by late July
  • Saturn is low in the southern sky during evening, a little north of the Sagittarius constellation

Moon Phases

  •    Third Quarter July 6, 03:51 EDT
  •    New Moon July 12, 22:48 EDT
  •    First Quarter July 19, 15:52 EDT
  •    Full Moon July 27, 16:20 EDT

Noteworthy Sky Events
  •    Venus remains very prominent in the northwestern sky after sunset
  •    Mars reaches opposition July 27
  •    Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks July 30
  •    Mars closest to Earth July 31

Sky Resources Online
Some website resources for sky charts, weekly sky events, and more information:
Below is a chart of the sky as it would appear above Pickering, Ontario at 10 pm EDT, July 15 (courtesy of Custom sky charts like this can be plotted and printed at the websites or